GL10C4 Downlight LED Projector

Combining a high quality LED, high quality driver and a great quality optical system makes this a downlight perfect for your permanent installation.

The high quality optical system produces a crisp vivid gobo image and the flat field gives you a crystal clear projection right to the edge.

Designed to be ceiling mounted the GL10C4 has various lens options available to suit your install.


  • A high quality, narrow beam projector for downlight signage
  • High resolution optical system, simple focusing after install
  • Available in black or white
  • Standard Lens Available:
    – Medium Beam
    – Wide Beam
  • Passive rear fin cooling
  • 10W 30,000 hr LED
  • 37.5mm gobo size
  • 12 month warranty
  • 220-240VAC 300mA Constant Current driver as standard
    (110V driver available on request)
  • Cool white LED as standard. Warm white available
  • Dimmable

Dimensions / Specifications

  • Power Supply Input Voltage: 220-240V AC (110V on request)
  • Power Supply Output approximately 37V DC
  • Requires 71mm hole 
  • 85mm coverplate supplied
  • Length 150mm – 170mm
  • Weight: Up to 600g with powersupply (not including cable weight)
  • Average Power Consumption: 10Watts